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    Shada Full Video Song By Parmish Verma Feat. Desi Crew

    From video director to singer Parmish Verma bringing us the best content he can give.Today Parmish Verma released his latest video song ” Shada” or you can say “Taur Naal Shada“.

    Music to the song is of Desi Crew and director is Parmish Verma himself.Lyrics are penned by Sarba Maan.

    Like the recent song of Parmish Verma “Gaal Ni Kadni” this song is also kind of funny song.The beats of Desi Crew is simply awesome that make your mood dance-like.

    Now let’s watch the video down here.

    Full Video Song Shada By Parmish Verma

    Song Details:

    Song – Shada – Proudly Single

    Singer – Parmish Verma

    Video – Parmish Verma

    Music – Desi Crew

    Lyrics – Desi Crew

    Shada Full Song Lyrics – Parmish Verma

    Taur naal shada munda
    Taur naal shada
    Taur naal chhada rehnda
    Taur naal chhada x (2)

    Ho shade reh ke dekho
    Bai nazara aunda bada

    Taur naal shada munda
    Taur naal shada
    Taur naal chhada rehnda
    Taur naal chhada x (2)

    Unjh taan smile’an deke langan batheriyan
    Sathon nahiyo lagdi’an faltu ch gehdiyan
    Sathon nahiyo gal hundi saari raat jaag bai
    Bina gallon hunda nahiyo time kharab bai
    Ho golgappe kulche khawau kehda khada

    Taur naal shada munda
    Taur naal shada
    Taur naal chhada rehnda

    Taur naal shada munda
    Taur naal shada
    Taur naal chhada rehnda
    Taur naal chhada x (2)

    Ho yaara naal saari raat chaldi ae party
    Fikar ni karo bai maar dua haak bai
    Dujje din uthi da ae marzi de naal bhai
    Chah paani roti tuk kari da ae aap bai
    Ho chulhe vichon dhuan udde ban ban kada

    Taur naal shada munda
    Taur naal shada
    Taur naal chhada rehnda
    Taur naal chhada
    Ho shade reh ke dekho
    Bai nazara aunda bada

    Taur naal shada munda
    Taur naal shada
    Taur naal chhada rehnda
    Taur naal chhada

    Is layi beghani tee appa koyi vihayi ni
    Vyah karwa ke gall tension ji payi nai
    Aah lai de, oh lai de na hi koyi aakhdi
    Kithe lawan padan na tension jawak di
    Ho kutti di ae tash naal vehla hunda thada
    Taur naal shada

    Taur naal shada munda
    Taur naal shada
    Taur naal chhada rehnda
    Taur naal chhada x (2)

    Suraj aaya paru gaana ae banaun nu
    Jhatt hi milaya phone Sarbe Maan nu
    Oh vi kenda hunne aaya Parmish veere
    Goldy te Satta mere yaar pakke heere
    Ho camera taiyar kari Bhullar ae khada

    Taur naal shada munda
    Taur naal shada
    Taur naal chhada rehnda
    Taur naal chhada

    Ho shade reh ke dekho
    Bai nazara aunda bada

    Taur naal shada munda
    Taur naal shada
    Taur naal chhada rehnda
    Taur naal chhada x (2)

    Taur naal shada

    Share the full song Shada of parmish Verma with your friends and comment below your thoughts on song.

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    Punjabi Singer Amrit Maan HD Photos And Images


    The man with the beard, Amrit Maan started as the writer and now he is a famous singer.You might have listened to greatest hit of Amrit Maan like Desi Da Drum, Bamb Jatt, Mucch Te Mashook.

    Amrit Maan is best known for stylish beard and of course for songs too.He just released his latest song “Trending Nakhra” that also got the great response from the audience.

    Check out: Peg Di Washna Latest Punjabi Song By Amrit Maan

    So today we are going to share some of the best photos of Amrit Maan that you can use either for phone wallpaper or your profile.

    Amrit Maan Latest Photos, Images and Wallpapers HD

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Need any picture from above? Just right click on the image and save it.If you are on phone, Tap and hold on the picture to save it.

    We hope you liked the Amrit Maan pics.Please share the post link with your friends.

    If you want more pictures or images of Punjabi celebrities then keep visiting us we are sharing that every day.


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    Full Video Song Fauji By The Landers And Western Penduz


    The landers(Sukh Kharoud, Davi Singh & Guri Singh) always famous for kind of funny songs.Now they have another song “Fauji” for their fans.

    The video of the song is full of entertainment and lyrics will turn your mood on.Before we further talk about the song, let’s watch the video first.

    Fauji Full Video Song Of The Landers – Sukh Kharoud, Davi Singh, And Guri Singh

    The music to the song is done by Western Penduz.The Western Penduz guys are always known for making good music, some of their hit songs are Kahaani Ghar Ghar Di, Fruit Wargi, and Kaali Hummer.

    The concept of the video and direction is of Navjit Buttar.The lyrics are penned by Rabb Sukh Rakhey.

    Lyrics of Punjabi Song Fauji – The Landers

    Naal khad geya tere pichhe nahio hattda
    Shuru ton sabhaah reha siddha jatt da
    Khad geya tere pichhe nahio hattda
    Shuru ton sabhaah reha siddha jatt da

    Jadd shar-e-aam tu hi meri hogi
    Main pichhe kivein hateya rahu

    Ho dil da bana lai mainu Fauji
    Main border te datteya rahu (x2)

    Western Penduz!

    Socheya si ohdon main
    Banauna tenu wife ni
    Nazraan naal kitti jadon
    Surgical strike ni (x2)

    Ehna nakhra vi changa nahio hunda
    Munh kadon tak wadeya rahu

    Ho dil da bana lai mainu Fauji
    Main border te datteya rahu (x2)

    Tera hi khyaal mainu khyalan vich balliye
    Rum wala kam kare syala vich balliye (x2)

    Tere naina vichon peeni billo raniye
    Main daaru peeke dakkeya rahu

    Ho dil da bana lai mainu Fauji
    Main border te datteya rahu (x2)

    Dil diyan gallan vekhin luk luk kholengi
    Sutteyan peya vi Rabb Sukh Rakhey bolegi (x2)

    Mode bina tak vekhi marjaniye
    Ni naam mera ratteya hau

    Ho dil da bana lai mainu fauji
    Main border te datteya rahu (x2)

    Western Penduz!

    Bas teri haan di ik lod mainu
    Main kadon keha mainu sab chahida
    Saari umar tere naal rehn nu mile
    Hor uss ton utte ki Rab chahida

    So did you like the song? Share with us in comments.For more amazing songs check our category of Punjabi songs.

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    Shah Rukh Khan To Have First Wax Statue In India


    The King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is achieving the daily new record.Recently we have shared the post about Wikipedia’s most viewed pages where Shah Rukh Khan defeated Tom Cruise for having more pageviews.

    Now another big news that Shah Rukh Khan’s fan can’t resist to share it.We all know that King Khan has the wax statue at Madame Tussauds in London and that is the big achievement for anyone.

    Now the news is rolling all over the internet that Shah Rukh Khan soon will have his wax sculpture at Madame Tussauds in Delhi.

    The wax statue of Shah Rukh will be unveiled on 23rd March in Delhi.The King’s fan will now have a chance to get a selfie with SRK which would make them feel real.

    The first wax statue of Shah Rukh Khan was first installed in 2007 in London and this would be the second one.

    You may be excited about what look SRK will have for the statue?

    Well, The romance King will have his most famous signature pose. Check it down.


    In the museum, there are many wax statues of famous people in the different field.There is also a wax statue of our honorable prime minister Modi and the Badshah of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan.

    Shah Rukh Khan is currently shooting with Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma for his upcoming movie Zero.


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    Neha Pendse To Host Kapil Sharma’s Family Time With Kapil Sharma


    Kapil Sharma now in news again for his upcoming TV show Family Time With Kapil Sharma.The Promo and posters for the show are already released via Social Media.You can check them on below link.

    Check here: Latest Promos and Posters of Family Time with Kapil Sharma

    The show will be aired on Sony TV but no date and time is revealed yet.

    Now to the main news.The beautiful and super hot Neha Pendse signed to host the Kapil Sharma’s show ” Family Time with Kapil Sharma”.

    Neha Pendse was the part of the TV show ” May I Come In Madam”.She also worked in Marathi movies as well.

    Neha was recently in news due to her overweight but she loosed her weight by learning pole dance.

    Neha Pendse shared our latest photos on Social Media in which she is looking more beautiful and hot.

    Neha Pendse Latest Photos




    Now again to Kapil Sharma’s show.The show “Family Time with Kapil Sharma” will be a game show along with comedy of Kapil Sharma.

    For the show, anyone has the family can be a part of the show.We have shared how to go on Kapil Sharma Show in our recent post you can check that.

    Now all we have to do wait for the show dates.Meanwhile, share the post with your friends and tell us your comments on Neha Pendse for Kapil Sharma’s show.

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    Hello Hall Of Fame Awards 2018 – Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone Are Entertainer Of The Year


    Hello Hall Of Fame 2018 award event held at St. Regis Hotel in Mumbai.Bollywood celebrities Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, Rekha, Gauri Khan, Kriti Sanon and more walked the Blue carpet and graced the event.

    Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are honored with “Entertainer of The Year”.The entire event was full of charge in the presence of King Khan.

    Check out: Most Viewed Celebrities on Wikipedia

    We have got some pictures of celebrities that were present at the event.Let’s see them down here.

    Hello Hall of Fame 2018 images


    Gorgeous Deepika Padukone in was seen in the white dress at the event.


    Shah Rukh Khan was present at the event with his wife Gauri Khan.Gauri Khan has won the award for “Excellence in Design”.


    Mira Rajput, wife of Shahid Kapoor was looking stunning in the Black and White dress.


    Ranveer Singh is awarded The Entertainer of The Year.


    Siddharth Malhotra won for the Stylish Man of the year.


    Karan Johar at Hello Hall Of Fame awards 2018.


    Nushrat Bharucha was also present at the event.

    Here is all the complete list of all the winners of Hello Hall Of Fame 2018.

    Hello Hall of Fame Awards 2018 – List of Winners

    Shahid Kapoor: Critics Best Actor of the Year

    Sidharth Malhotra: Most Stylish Man of the Year Award

    Kriti Sanon: Style Icon of the Year

    Karan Johar: Most Versatile Personality of the Year

    Deepika Padukone: Entertainer of the Year (Female)

    Gauri Khan: Excellence in Design Award

    Rekha: Cinematic Icon of the Year Award

    Ranveer Singh: Entertainer of the Year Award (Male)

    Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: Outstanding Personality of the Year

    Rajkummar Rao: Popular Choice

    Shweta Nanda: Stylish Woman of The Year

    To get more latest updates on entertainment.Subscribe us below.Don’t forget to hit the any of share buttons below.

    Source: Indian Express

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    Teaser Of Tere Vaastey – A Romantic Ballad From Satinder Sartaaj And Nargis Fakhri


    The Singer and lyricist Satinder Sartaaj is back with a romantic ballad “Tere Vaastey“.The song is featuring Nargis Fakhri who is a famous Bollywood actress.

    The teaser for the song Tere Vaastey released today on YouTube channel of Saga Hits.

    Full video of Tere Vaastey will be released soon.For now, let’s watch the beautiful teaser of the song down here.

    Tere Vaastey Song Teaser – Satinder Sartaaj and Nargis Fakhri

    Tere Vaastey is the 2nd song from the album “Seasons of Sartaaj”.

    Song – Tere Vaastey

    Singer – Satinder Sartaaj

    Starring – Satinder Sartaaj and Nargis Fakhri

    Lyrics – Satinder Sartaaj

    Music – Jatinder Shah

    Label – Saga Hits

    Share the teaser with friends and keep checking us for the full video of song Tere Vaastey.

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    11 Most Beautiful Punjabi Models To Follow On Instagram


    Punjabi Models Instagram Profiles are the brilliant source of inspiration, especially for girls. Here we did some digging and found 10 most gorgeous Punjabi beauties from Instagram. So here are beautiful Punjabi Models you can follow on Instagram.

    11 Beautiful Punjabi Models On Instagram


    1. Sunanda Sharma

    Sunanda Sharma is undeniably charming and natural beauty. Just like Namibian model Behati Prinsloo she’s Instagram queen, we bet you can’t scroll down your feed without liking her incredibly adorable selfies.

    2. Sonam Bajwa

    Let the morning bring me Word of your unfailing love 🌹🌹

    A post shared by Sonam Bajwa (@sonambajwa) on

    You’ll find hundred’s of energizing quotes, winsome selfie, and the most adorable photo shoots on Sonam Bajwa Instagram account.

    3. Himanshi Khurana

    😊😊😊 Throwback

    A post shared by Himanshi Khurana (@iamhimanshikhurana) on

    Himanshi Khurana is one of the most globally recognized model. Her beauty is an inspiration not only for Punjabi girls but also for whole Indian girls. She mostly posts her appealing photo shoots and backstage pics.

    4. Tris Dhaliwal

    My sleeves are made out of clouds. ☁️ @honeybum

    A post shared by Tristin Dhaliwal (@trisdhaliwal) on


    The 5 Taara and Do you know fame Tris Dhaliwal is a Brittish Punjabi model. Tris snaps tons of selfies in powerfully beautiful outfits on a regular basis, only for 16+, FELLAS. Although she’s a very prominent Punjabi model.

     5. Roopi Gill

    A post shared by Roopi Gill (@roopigill_) on

    Roopi Gill is new Punjabi model who recently appeared in hit Punjabi songs like Tareyan De Des, Diamond and Scratch.She already crossed her 100k followers on Instagram in short period of time.

    Check out: Priya Parkash All HD Viral Photos

    6. Shehnaz Kaur Gill

     The Majhe Di Jatti girl Shehnaz Kaur Gill blessed with dark eyes, beautiful lips and with have so much depth in her smile.

    7. Sara Gurpal

    Sara Gurpal is one of the most in-demand models in Punjabi music videos right now. She has been featured in many videos with almost every Punjabi singer. From desi look to western look, she posted a bunch of selfies and videos of her.

    8. Ginni Kapoor

    #noediting #nofilter #noiphonephotography 😝

    A post shared by Ginni Kapoor (@ginni.kapoor.7) on

    9. Simi Chahal


    A post shared by Simi Chahal (@simichahal9) on

    Simi Chahal now becomes the mainstream actress in the Pollywood after her back to back hit movies. She will flood your Insta feed with quotes.

    10. Rupali Sood

    Rupali Sood is famous for Hardy Sandhu’s song Horn Blow.

    11. Wamiqa Gabbi

    Smile ear to ear this year 😁

    A post shared by Wamiqa Gabbi (@wamiqagabbi) on

    Very beautiful and cute face Wamiqa Gabbi also appeared in Punjabi movie “Mai tera 22 tu mera 22”.She recently featured in Garry Sandhu’s latest song 100 Percent Di Daaru.

    We hope you did like after list post about beautiful Punjabi models if you do then don’t forget to share it on Social media with your friends.

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    Subedar Joginder Singh – First Ever Punjabi Movie Of Its Kind


    Punjabi cinema is growing leaps and bounds.This can be clearly seen in the trailer of movie Subedar Joginder Singh of Gippy Grewal.

    The movie is based on the True story of Param Vir Chakkar Awardee Subedar Joginder Singh.The role of Joginder Singh is done by Gippy Grewal himself.

    The posters of the movie are already getting viral on the internet and now the first official trailer for the movie has been released which takes the internet by storm.

    Before discussing more on the movie, let’s watch the trailer first.

    Subedar Joginder Singh Official Trailer Of Gippy Grewal

    Not only Gippy Grewal but also many popular Punjabi singers and actors have different roles in the movie.In the movie, you will see Kulwinder Billa, Roshan Prince, Karamjit Anmol, Rajvir Jawanda, Aditi Sharma, Charan Singh, Guggu Gill, Sardar Sohi, Jaggi Singh, Nirmal Rishi, Jaggi Singh, Sharan Mann, Harish Verma, Jordan Sandhu and Raghvir Boli doing their best in the movie.

    Check it: Subedar Joginder Singh Movie Official Posters

    The story of the movie is on Indo China war where Subedar Joginder Singh led the battalion of 21 brave Sikh soldiers to fight with thousands of Chinese soldiers.

    Subedar Joginder Singh is the first Punjabi movie of its kind and we appreciate the hard work done by whole team for the movie.

    Subedar Joginder Singh is set to be released worldwide on 6 April 2018.

    Do not forget to support the movie by sharing the trailer of social media.

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    Bollywood Movie Mental Hai Kya Of Kangana Ranaut Official Poster Released


    Upcoming Bollywood movie “Mental Hai Kya” of Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao is getting into headlines as the official poster released.

    Filmmakers are releasing different poster every day as the promotion strategy of the movie and this strategy turned out to be very powerful.

    Just now 2 new posters of the movie Mental Hai Kya released.In one poster Kangana Ranaut is sitting in the bathtub, holding a knife.In another poster, Rajkummar Rao is cutting an apple with a knife with blood-stained hand.

    Let’s have a look at posters first.

    Official Posters of Mental Hai Kya Of Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao



    The movie Mental Hai Kya is produced by Ekta Kapoor and director of the movie is Prakash Kovelamudi.

    The release date of the movie Mental Hai Kya is not yet fixed.The shooting for the movie is already started and completed its first schedule in Mumbai.Rest of the shooting is to be done in London.The movie is to be released under the banner of Balaji Motion Pictures and Shailesh R Singh’s Karma Media.

    Here are few more entries for the first look of Mental hai Kya.


    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Did you like the poster of Mental Hai Kya? Comment below and tell us.Don’t forget to share the post on social media.

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    Khido Khundi Trailer, Movie Of Ranjit Bawa Is All Dedicated To Hockey


    Punjabi cinema is finally getting a different story in movies rather than comedy and love, Khido Khundi is an example.

    Watch: Subedar Joginder Singh Official Teaser, A Movie of Gipp Grewal

    We know Ranjit Bawa already entered in Punjabi movies but hardly we have seen him doing a lead role.In Khido Khundi Ranjit Bawa is in the lead role with Mandy Takhar and Manav Vij.

    Khido Khundi is the Punjabi movie which is dedicated to our national game Hockey.

    Khido Khundi the game originate from Sansarpur which is also known as the nursery of Olympic players.Sansarpur alone gave 15 Olympians to India.The movie is based on the true story which will make you love the hockey.

    Watch the trailer of Khido Khundi below.

    Khido Khundi Official Trailer Of Ranjit Bawa, Mandy Takhar, and Manav Vij

    The movie is starring Ranjit Bawa, Mandy Takhar, Manav Vij, and Guggu Gill.Producers are Talwinder Hayre and Kavanjit Hayre.Director of the movie is Rohit Jugraj who also directed movies like Jatt James Bond and Sardaar Ji.

    The title song of the movie is sung by Sukhwinder Singh.The movie is going release on 20th April.

    We wish all the best to Ranjit Bawa for this different kind of movie in Punjabi Cinema.

    Share the trailer with friends to support the movie.

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    100 Percent Full Video Song By Garry Sandhu And Tory Lanez


    Famous Punjabi Singer Garry Sandhu just dropped another song which is “100 Percent“.


    After the recent big hit songs like Kill, Dil De Kareeb, Garry Sandhu just dropped his another video song which is “100 percent”.

    In song Wamiqa Gabi is featuring with Garry Sandhu.Music to the song is done by Dr. Zeus.Vocal to the song is of Garry Sandhu along with Tory Lanez and Rap is by Roach Killa.

    The video is by Prisma media and Unit 11.

    Now straight to the song 100 percent.

    Full video of 100 percent of Garry Sandhu, Wamiqa Gabi, and Tory Lanez

    Song credits:

    Name – 100 Percent

    Artists – Garry Sandhu, Tory Lanez, Roach Killa, Wamiqa Gabi

    Music – Dr. Zeus

    Video – Prisma Media and Unit 11

    Banner – Lokdhun Punjab


    Lyrics of the song 100 Percent by Garry Sandhu

    Well! you don’t know
    Tory lanez, Garry sandhu!
    Roach Killa!
    Dr Zeus world wide

    Silky zulfan rang brown
    Eh patlo da khehda town x (2)

    Jehdi hirni wargi dhaun
    Seene koke jad’di

    Oye jatti 100 percent di
    Daru wangu jaave chadhdi x (2)

    Tera nakhra Burj Khalifa
    Munda dil ton kare tareef’an oye
    Dil dil…
    Dil ton kare tareef’an

    Tera nakhra Burj Khalifa
    Munda dil ton kare tareefan oye
    Jivein Brazil hareya Fifa
    Eh jind jaave hardi

    Oye jatti 100 percent di
    Daru wangu jaave chadhdi x (2)

    Yo yo yo
    So we roll into the club in a Maybach
    Chitti gaddi leather seats and I’m laid-back
    Baby girl kudi lagdi ae J Lo
    Body teri bang like a tornado

    Lakk matkaundi ohdon man gaye crazy
    Jadon maare thumka te baby girl tease me

    Katil surme di dhaari
    Mere dil te pher gayi aari oye
    Dil dil…
    Dil te pher gayi aari oye

    Katil surme di dhaari
    Mere dil te pher gayi aari oye
    African mirch karaari
    Seene jaave lad’di

    Oye jatti 100 percent di
    Daru wangu jaave chadhdi x (2)

    Oye jatti

    Tera makeup kude Sephora
    Haye taras kare na pora oye

    Tera makeup kude Sephora
    Haye taras kare na pora oye
    Sanu chadhdi’aan jawaan lora
    Te akh jaave khadhdi

    Oye jatti 100 percent di
    Daru wangu jaave chadhdi x (2)

    Oye jatti

    If you really liked the song, Do not forget to share the song with friends.